Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 9

You can never tell how steep something is until you rub noses with it.
 - Bear Grylls' father, The Kid Who Climbed Everest

I was in a bit of a crisis this morning.  Not thinking of bagging the ultra, but I was in serious need of a mojo adjustment.  Thirty days is still a long way out.

This got me thinking about my motivation for participating in this event.  I need to frame my motivation to know I can pull through when chasing the buckle is not enough.  I have to find my desire when "wouldn't that be cool" no longer matters.  Time to admit why I want or need to complete this race.

What will completing an ultra marathon mean to me?  Do I need to finish an ultra to be "somebody"?  Down deep I think so.  It may not be the best reason to participate in race of any length, from 5k to beyond 26.2.  But I need it to prove something to myself.

I have a lot of fears.  I am controlled by some pretty strong inhibitions.  My biggest obstacle (among many) is that I do not consider myself "worthy" or "good enough".  Maybe this race will allow me to see myself as others see me.  

Of course somewhere in the back of my mind I question if I shall ever find what it is I am seeking.  The high from my Boston qualifying run in Myrtle Beach less than thirty days ago has already worn off.  Not that I'm demeaning the value of the finish.  It seems to have had little carry over.  I am afraid that the same thing will happen after the ultra.

If you have not already guessed I tend to obsess and over analyze.  For now I shall focus on enjoying the trip.  I shall focus on finishing.  I can worry about "after the finish" after I finish.

Thanks to Runfastermommy for sharing this video with me on Facebook.  I really needed to see it today.

 - Logan


  1. Hey Logan, you may not know your true motivation until the race is indeed over. Right now, you seem to be weighing more than one option as to the reason. Fact is this: you paid your money and committed to showing up and running. That's it for now. Be at the starting line when it's time. You cannot "know" this race until you run this race. You WILL learn much about yourself. Simply live in each foot strike to earth during the run - lessons will present themselves without your effort. Peace and Love!

  2. of course, no one can find all that they're looking for in any race or activity. the glow, the rush, the high will always wear off. we have to come to the place where we find what we're looking for outside of ourselves and inside. peace comes not from striving, but from resting.

  3. Mr. Happiness is a smart dude. The fact is, the journey may reveal or it may BE why you're running. Regardless, it will change your life. I'll see you at the starting line. :)

  4. We all have different motivations for why we do any race. I realized my goal wasn't just to complete an ultra, it was to see how far I can push myself, which is why, though I will be completing an ultra on April 16th, its still not my original goal and I'll am disappointed. You'll figure it out, 100miles is a long way to go without realizing something about yourself;)