Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 4

Damn I am tired.

The anticipation of my run later today is burning more energy that I counted on.  I had considered running this morning and tomorrow morning; then it occurred to me that I need to get accustomed to the fatigue.  So I will head out around 6pm for 18-20 miles, then jump out for another 18 miles in the morning.  Should be raining then.  With thunderstorms moving in around noon.

Nothing like having Mother Nature hurry you along.

Yet in spite of the fatigue that is settling in I am pleasantly happy.  I am pleased with the commitment I have made to the training and distance.  I am encouraged by how my body has responded since the marathon on Feb 19th.  I am also enthused by the support my wife has displayed in the crazy endeavor.

Andria used to give me crazy looks when I suggested something so insane as running one hundred miles in under thirty hours.  Now when I talk about my training or the trip next month, she smiles and listens with intent.

Damn I am happy.

 - Logan

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