#DoEpicShit Merchandise

#DoEpicShit Tee Shirts - One must be suitably attired when doing #EpicShit.

The shirts are here.  No cheap ass 100% cotton here.  Tech tees are the order of the day.  I expect to see race photos of these shirts.  *Free shipping*

#DoEpicShit Men's Tech Tee

#DoEpicShit Women's Tech Tee

This is the *Alternate* version of the soon to be (in)famous #DoEpicShit tech tee.  It is for those folks that want to walk/run/cycle/swim/climb/whatever on the edge but do not want the hassle of dealing with family or social circles regarding language.  

I have only THREE Men's Medium shirts and TWO Men's XL shirts remaining in this style.

#DoEpicSh!t Men's Tech Tee

#DoEpicShit Wristbands - You know you want one.   Or one dozen.  A bulk rate discount is available should you choose to share #EpicShit with friends.  If you have friends...

The wristbands have arrived.  Thanks to all the people who pre-ordered.  *Free shipping*

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