Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 5

No Excuse Sunday.  I have Peter A. to thank for that bit of inspiration.  Today was about not letting excuses deter me.

Woke up thirty minutes late.  Was slow to get moving.  Had a bit of a headache.  Too much Guinness and not enough water after last night's nineteen miles.

Rain was on the radar.  Lots of rain with the potential for thunderstorms.  Never really materialized though.

The rain was falling as I stepped out.  It wasn't too cold so I left the raincoat at home.  Left it in a wad with the excuses.

I had a lot of thoughts about running an ultra today.  "Can I do this?"  "Which will falter first - my body or my mind?"  "How will I respond if things go bad with a long way to go?"

Today's run answered a few questions.  My body held up.  Strategic walk breaks work well.  My mind stayed strong.  I worked hard to get to the 20mi today.  I passed my house at 13.5 miles and again at 16.5 miles.  Would have been easy to chuck the rest of the run and hit the showers.

But that is no way to earn the buckle.

 - Logan

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  1. You are on your way to becoming an ultra runner Logan! Good job on not stopping and finishing your run.