Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 6

I will concede that running one hundred miles sounds ridiculous.  Running anything close to a marathon distance when there is no finish line or medal awaiting you is equally laughable.  After all, where is the glamor and excitement in a twenty-plus mile training run.  Just more "miles in the bank" as some dailymilers like to post.

One dailymiler posted this morning that he does not understand the attraction to running distances greater than a marathon.  I think some 5k and 10k champions probably feel the same way about us marathoners.  For me it is about deciding to do something and seeing it through.

Will I finish?  I really don't know.  But I'm not worried about it.  When the race director says "GO!" I shall trek as far as my heart, mind, legs and stomach will allow.  If I cross the hundredth mile great.  Should I fell somewhere short of the goal, its still OK.  I will certainly be disappointed.  

There will be no heartache though.  For too many times in my life I failed to start, fearful of failure.  Now I accept failure as a potential outcome.  I am resigned to "good enough" being good enough.  

An online friend posted last week that "good enough" is akin to giving in.  This time I don't think so.  This time is about seeing how far I can go, how much I can achieve, how great I am capable.

The alternative to "good enough" is never even trying.  So regardless of the outcome I will reflect upon that weekend in April and say "yup, I lined up and put my ass in the fire".  Its not about ego.  Its not about being better than "you".  Its about becoming better than me.

 - Logan


  1. Awesome post Logan! We have a lot in common my friend, especially the "for too many times in my life I failed to start, fearful of failure..." And the "For me it's about deciding to do something and seeing it through" parts. I'll be here following your journey closely. I can't wait to read all about your 100-mile experience. That's right. I said it. 100 miles. I know that you aren't going to fall short of the goal.

  2. You put in the miles in preparation - you fuel your body according to your plan - you set-up your refueling/rehydration elements along the way - then you take that first step from the start line and you run - living in the moment of each contact of foot to earth - no expectations - no doubts - just foot to earth.

  3. You're a brave man going for a 100 miler first time out. For me, this is the year of the 50K. As for the DM guy who doesn't understand why people would run more than a marathon...for me there's no comparison between running 26 miles on flat pavement through a city with tens of thousands of other people, and running 50K (or, I would imagine, 50 or 100 miles) with a few hundred folks, a decent number of whom I've come to know from other races, out in the desert, or up in the mountains, on a single track climbing hills, crossing streams, seeing deer, coyotes, rattlesnakes, breathing clean air...To me, the marathon is an event, and the ultra is an adventure.

  4. I think in this case, "good enough" is definitely good enough! 5K? Not so much. 100 miles? Good enough! Wishing you endurance and speed my friend...definitely in that order!

  5. These are all just numbers. 5km, 26.2, 50km, 100... there is no "good enough." I laugh when people ask, why run more than 26.2? I say what is so special about that number? Why stop at a 100? There are races far longer than 100 miles, there are multi-day adventures to be had on long trails that may stretch hundreds of miles and many, many days... Even 100 miles is just the tip of the iceberg!