Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i won't call it a comeback, but...

because of work - two-thirty am wake ups and lifting things for hours - i have not maintained any sort of running program, well, since my last big race.  that was cactus rose in october of 2012.  time has truly flown by.

what i realized this last week, as i resume my running life, is that i desperately missed everything about running.  that moment when my breathing settling into a comfortable exchange after the initial ragged minutes.  the deep muscle ache after running, what at the time seems like a long distance.  the rush of blowing past another person on the trail or sidewalk, even if they are simply out for a walk.

i am considering a turkey trot when the season rolls around.  something small like a 5k seems appropriate given my schedule and tenuous grasp on any disposable energy.

something else i realized, with the early mornings and early evenings and forty hour work weeks and non-consecutive off-days, is that i am fortunate to have run the races i did.  traveling to three ultras was a luxury, something i cannot even dream of affording now with rent and utilities and, yes, private schooling.

twenty to thirty fast miles each week is doable. what's more, it sounds like fun once again.

i reckon the book was right, when it said Once a runner...