Monday, March 14, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 7

My naturally restless mind has been in a constant battle since I started marathon training a few years ago.  Training is about "doing".  Its about making something happen.

The most difficult task for me has not been getting the necessary mileage but rather getting enough rest.  A rest day always seemed like a "waste" day.  Getting more mileage was like a drug.  I loved seeing the weekly totals pile up.  Pushing farther was probably more important to my subconscious mind than any actual race.  I realize that this thinking is unreasonable, but it was how I thought.

I can truly say that my thinking has changed regarding the rest day.  Last Friday I welcomed the opportunity to do nothing in anticipation of a huge mileage weekend.  And today I revel in the stillness.  While my body largely feeling good, my mind in calm.  No urge to hit the road.

This feeling is still a little odd.  But it feels right.  Thus I am now a less reluctant adherent to the rest day.

 - Logan


  1. "More mileage was like a drug". I totally feel you! With Stu breaking his leg and needing surgery and me catching a cold I haven't been out since Thurs AM. DT's and withdrawel have set in! Glad you are becoming comfortable with rest!

  2. You deserve rest days, something I too am learning to embrace.