Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! Almost. Maybe. Part 3

Growing up and branching out.

So I am not jumping into a marathon on March 20th.  Really.  Better sense and restraint kicked in and advice of a couple of good "friends", i.e. people I have never actually met, led me to skip this race and keep my eyes on the prize.  Finishing an ultra is what I want more than anything at the moment.  I would probably be unable to check my ego once the gun fired and the risk of injury is not worth it right now.

I am seeking advice on nutrition while running.  One fellow whom I hold in high esteem suggested dates.  I had never eaten a date.  I have been on a few dates.  My only recollect of dates were the "bad dates" in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  So last night I tried my first date.  Admittedly it was of the pitted variety... But all in all I'd say I might like them.  Dates are an excellent source of potassium and a great carb option.  I will continue to experimenting through the week and carry some along during my long runs on Saturday and Sunday.

- Logan


  1. I have a recipe with dates and peanut butter and protein powder. They are delicious and I am a picky eater so that is say something.

  2. If you are interested in dates, check out Lara bars. Dates and other yummy stuff, no added sugar, organic, etc.

  3. Love Lara bars! Great for eating on the run. Im into coconut water at the moment...high electrolytes (got a case for free, but it is expensive)

  4. Love dates. I carry them with me when it isn't too warm out. They get too sticky in the heat. You might find some of the nutrition articles on www.nomeatathlete.com to be of value. Matt does a lot of research on food.

    I am with Ultratrailchick on the coconut water. Expensive but well worth it. My last long run before Myrtle Beach included carrying coconut water with me.