Sunday, May 1, 2011

Score One For the Runner

Talk of late has been about goals.  I have several, mostly of the short term variety.  Such as races and run related events.  My wife on the other hand has few goals of a personal nature.  With the responsibilities of motherhood and work she has difficulty even finding thirty minutes of a neighborhood run.  So long term planning is usually at the back of her mind.

Enter Girl Scouts.

Andria has been involved with Girl Scouts since she was a child.  Most recently she has been a leader for our daughters' troop over the past five years.  Sure, it is a drag when responsibilities for planning and staging meetings, weekend trips and leadership training interferes with home life.  But she does it for numerous reasons.  Now she has another.

Camp Sandy Ridge outside Bennettsville, SC will host The Cookie Cup.  It is a Warrior Dash/Rugged Maniac style 5k with obstacles through the hills of a Girl Scout camp.  Andria spent several summers at Sandy Ridge as a child.  Now she says she wants to participate in this race.

When she told me of her interest I noticed that gleam in her eyes.  That gleam that only racers get.  It reveals anticipation and excitement and uncertainty.

Training for a 5k will be the challenge.  Taking time for herself is one of Andria's great weaknesses.  There is always someone or something needing attention.  Andria often puts herself last, if she even puts herself in the que.  Simply addressing the possibility of entering a specific race is a major step.

August 27th cannot get here fast enough.


  1. Go Andria!! Hope she has an incredible time at the race, and the time spent for herself leading up to it!! I understand where she's coming from -- best to you, Andria!

  2. yeaaaah Go Andria Go!!!! That's awesome :)