Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cutting to the Core

You do not do enough

You do not have enough.

You are not enough.

You do not matter.

These are messages that can crush one's spirit when repeated at the wrong time.  Whether you say it to the mirror or you hear it from people in your circle believing any of these statements will keep you from being enough.  From mattering.

For some people enough is global, they matter on the large-scale, big picture perspective.  For other people it is on a local level.  Then there are the folks that matter only within the four walls of home and family, and for them that is enough.

Figure out what makes you matter.  Consider what your enough should be.  

Still working on determining my enough.  Just less anxious about it today.


  1. Anxiety is such a bitch. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling less anxious today, and I hope you find your 'enough'. I'm still working on both, some days more than others ....

  2. You, Logan. Out of my head.

    I need to find the balance between being okay with myself, and the drive that pushes me to be more than I am. I'm okay. I can be better. I want to be better. But I'm okay...

    And those messages? I heard them. I believed them. Now, they are what I would kill to keep my kids from believing about themselves. So I make damn sure to tell them just the opposite, every single day.