Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello, again.

It has been a long while since I was last here, telling you of my thoughts and actions.  Since our last visit I've been doing other things, revealing myself in other places, in other ways.  I have also learned much about myself in the intervening months.  Since I last posted I've:

  • deactivated my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Daily Mile.  I no longer gained from these sites what once made them so attractive.
  • spent time in private therapy and continue to participate in a support group for codependency.
  • actively minimized my work load in the field of real estate.
  • been employed for almost one month with a global wholesale/retailer.  This means I am punching a time clock and getting paid on a regular basis.  What is not to love?
  • not run nearly enough.  In the spring I paid for entry and airfare in a bid to rerun Cactus Rose.  As of today that race is ten weeks away.  As of last night I have a raging calf strain and cannot walk comfortably.  I need a flashlight and a few extra hands.  I feel I will be pulling another buckle out of my ass somehow.
  • I've said goodbye, albeit reluctantly, to a few close friends.  The sort of friends that alter one's perspective and are catalysts for remarkable changes in life.  The kind of friends that support you through thick and thin.  The kind of friends that would stick with you forever, but know when to leave you alone.  Unfortunately, this is a forever kind of alone.
Am I happier since I last posted to this blog?  I guess.  But it is relative.  

Am I more content?  Again, it is relative.

What I know is that in spite of whatever ups and downs I am rolling through, I am responsible for my reactions and responses.  I am the one capable of overcoming, of pressing forward, of pushing ahead.  Others may try to hold me back.  Others may try to propel me forward.  But I alone am responsible for the change I seek.


  1. I don't think we every truly know how many lives we have touched; you inspired me to be a better runner. Wishing you all the best Logan.

  2. Bon dia, Logan! I've been thinking about you often and and thought I'd search for you blog to check in. I'm sorry that you're going through a rough time. I can only offer you Hope and that the Changes you seek will eventually be easier as days and moments go by. Take care - Keep the Faith, Logan!

  3. Great to hear from you Logan. I hope you find peace and the answers you're searching for. I grew up in a chemically dependent family, lot's of strife there so I know a little about what you're going through. All the best and good luck at Cactus Rose!

  4. 10 weeks? Plenty of time.... "I am the one capable of overcoming, of pressing forward, of pushing ahead." <---This line applies to life in many ways. Take it with you to Cactus Rose and best of luck as you move forward.

  5. I have held onto this so often: that I can't control what people do or say to me, but I can control my reactions, and that is empowering. Keep pressing forward, Logan! You inspire me.