Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am an Ultrarunner! - Cherry on the Sundae

I had been planning my trip to Portland, OR for nearly two months when I was led to a podcast entitled 3 Non Joggers.  It is three guys in a basement, two of which run but do not jog and a mailman that neither runs nor jogs but calls running "jogging" hence 3NonJoggers.  

Russ McGarry hosts the show in his basement (I've been sworn not to reveal the secret location, but I'll hint that bums and hobos roam freely nearby...).  The guys graciously allowed me to sit in as an "audience of one" and welcomed me as a fourth non jogger.  It was a great evening and left the basement wishing I could come back next week.  

Download the show (episode #28) or click the above link for my podcasting debut.  Be warned... the show is full of witty banter and non running talk.  But the actual non jogging talk is awesome.  The primary focus of the show, beyond the dick-and-fart jokes, is ultrarunning.

Here is my photo journal of the evening.

Where the magic happens - Russ' basement.

My little perch in the back.  Ya know water opens the scotch up.

Gary the Vale's damn headphone packaging is still on the frigging Box Bros box.  Dammit Gary!

Russ and Gary discussing Gary's failed "trail gamble".

Carl the Mailman, show producer and documentarian.

Tonight's guest is Todd Janssen, race director for the Hagg Lake ultra races and the Mt. Hood 50 Miler.

The show rundown.  "The UnaRunner turns the guys into trail snacks" is noticeably absent.

(L - R) Russ, Carl the Mailman, me, Gary the Vale

Dudes dig me!

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