Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth???

Words have meaning.  Mention any topic in the current national political debate and you will see what I mean.  The audience will ascribe its own meaning or interpretation based upon the individual backgrounds or experiences of the audience members.  Once you say something you cannot take it back.  Once you type something anyone has opportunity to read and dissect and parse the words beyond their original intent. 

I am guilty of over analyzing some one's words.  I wrote a recent blog post about my jump to interpret another person's words to find greater meaning or context.  To be honest I did not ask the writer for clarification.  I made an assumption and ran with it.  I do not think I was far off the mark, but I have a different feeling on some of the remarks a few weeks later.

I'm at a different level of my training
The daily miler wrote of being at a different level of training than the "typical" DMer.  This may not be the huge insult I thought it was initially.  We all have different pursuits, motivations and goals.  It is rare to find two "athletes" with the same level of fitness, pace, desire, focus or determination.  And not everyone wants to run a marathon.  But we all want encouragement to keep trying.  My own wife has started running for fitness but has no desire (so she says) to run long or race.  I have to remember that "you" are not me.  Please understand that I am fine with that.  My training does not prevent me from acknowledging your effort or encouraging you along your path.

I have a lot on my plate - need to stay focused
Maybe not "a lot", but I have big goals for racing in 2011.  An online friend isn't big in public displays of resolutions or goal setting.  You can find my goals in print if you care to look but I'm not going to waste space here.  My point is that with time getting short I have to make some things happen.  I will share.  I enjoy taking people along for the ride.  If my posts motivate you or give you fuel for your own efforts then I am happy for you.  If my posts make you think I am showing off or being arrogant then either I have failed or you missed my point.  I have to accept that people will be turned off when they assume I have a "better than you" attitude.  My attitude is really grounded in the idea that I am not gifted.  I have no unique talents.  I have just made my way a little further down the road.

But this is what I hear from some people locked in their own struggles:
  • I can't...
  • My body won't let me...
  • I'm not a...
  • This is torture...
If you have said something above recently I'd like to know why.

I posted something last week to share how I feel when I run.  This has less to do with being fast than being joyful in the moment.  I really do not care what you do (just do something).  I really do not care how you do it (just do your best).  I really do not care how far or how fast you go (just do what you can however you can). The point of the video is to demonstrate how much joy and excitement running gives me.  I still struggle with pain.  I still struggle with fatigue.  I still combat emotional and mental demons.  But I am trying to transcend those demons to something better.

I cannot wait for race season to begin for me on February 5th.  Of course I look forward to competing and pursuing my limits of speed and endurance.  But what I am really anticipating is the opportunity to stand at the finish line and cheer on as many finishers as possible.  Now get out there and give me something to cheer!


  1. I use the I am not a... But not in a negative way I think. I have recently accepted that I am not a fast runner but that isn't what I enjoy about running. I would prefer to be the girl who goes into a 1/2 marathon and decides at mile twelve I am just going to go ahead and run the full. There is something in that that gives me joy and by accepting that I can stop beating myself up about what I am not.

  2. Logan, I just got caught up on your previosu post, and this one.
    I agree 100% with all that you said. I also think for most of us who are keping stats on mileage, heart rate, pace, etc. the one thing DM can't really keep track of is the one thing that gets us out of bed when tired, has us going "one more mile" for 5 more, etc, and that is pure motivation and joy in the moment. We (at least I try to) articulate it as much as I can in my write-ups, but still miss the mark of how it felt/feels. Ok, I have rambled on enough. What you continue to do is inspiring to so many people Logan :)

  3. Great reading here. I too have a

  4. Keep on keepin on Logan, don't worry about what others are doing (though I agree 100% with your last post!!). You are doing an amazing job at inspiring so many while achieving great things of your own!! :)

  5. Great post, Logan. This is Ricky, I met you after the Surfside Rotary 10K in the rain.Bearded guy, 55, from Georgetown. Anyway, came across the blog today and love it! Writing DOES help keep me motivated. As I type this, I'm still panting from a nice 11 mile run today with no shirt (gotta take the shirt off, right?). I believe you WILL make it to an Ultra. You said you found some ultra runners on Facebook. How bout Gordon Ainsleigh? He ran like the first 100 miler and is one of the founders of the Rocky Raccoon. A really nice guy and if you contact him he will actually answer you. Another favorite of mine is Anton Kupricka - both he and Gordon of no-shirt-runners. As goes the mental stuff? Running is the discipline. If I've decided I'm running 8.6 miles tomorrow, then when time to run comes I go - doesn't matter if I "feel" like it or not, or while into the run a few miles don't "feel" like going the distance. It's just something we do, regardless. But you know that. Anyway, I'll keep up with the blog now that I found it. Peace and Love! Ricky