Tunes I Set A Groove To

*Warning - There is explicit material in the titles and/or lyrics of posts on this page.  If you find I may have missed a really awesome song, or you want to include one of your favorites, send me an email and include a youtube link if available.  Thanks.

heart of a lion - kid cudi

list of demands - saul

tighten up - the black keys

long way around - the dixie chicks

the seed - the roots

fuck you - ceelo green

white blank page - mumford & sons

volvo driving soccer mom - everclear

handlebars - flobots

heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs

bulletproof - la roux

kodo - yoshida brothers

waiting for a (slower) friend - the rolling stones

satellite - guster

i'm not the one - the black keys

magic - b.o.b.

What have I missed?