Friday, January 20, 2012

Something Is Afoot

Since I returned from Texas I have not trained with any purpose.  I have yet to register for any races.  Blame it on a lack of disposable income.  Blame it on being to weak-willed to trick myself into training for the sake of training.  The problem is that when there is no race to prepare for my mind rarely allows me to run guilt-free.  If the past few years have taught me anything, it would be that I need at least 60 minutes in motion to feel the effects of a run.  Three or four miles just won't do most days.  Seven or eight is more to my liking.  Fifteen or 20 is even better.  Rather than allowing my mind to cannibalize itself with negative talk and self-doubt, my mind urges my body forward.  Sure, on occasion the mind is weak and wimps out when the body has more to give, but often times I find that I am outrunning myself.  Running from the flaws and imperfections and all the defects that mark my frail grasp on humanity.

All this is to say that some days when running for self, training plans or health is not enough, it is time to look outside one's self.  Some of my best runs have come when I've thought about others.  Dedicating a run to someone in need, whether it is a friend or stranger, often allows me to forget my own pain or frailty and push harder than I may have otherwise.  "How would that person run if they could?" is a question I will ask myself.

Which brings me to the present.  My plan is not unusual.  Many of you following this blog have done more for charity than I'll ever consider.  I am hoping this a first step.  Another test of self while contributing to a cause.

Three of my grandparents died of cancer.  My father is a survivor of prostate cancer.  My father-in-law is scheduled for surgery on Monday to remove cancerous tissue from his own prostate.  Both of my mother-in-law's brothers have survived their own battled with the disease.  Then what better way to take on the fight that by participating in the Georgetown County Relay For Life?

On Saturday May 5th, from noon till midnight, I shall attempt to circle the asphalt track at Waccamaw High School as many times as possible.  I am partnering with a team representing Waccamaw Middle School where my daughter attends.  To say I am excited by the opportunity and excited to have a training goal is to understate the obvious.

In the coming days or weeks I shall post a link to solicit donations.  To be clear - I loathe fundraising.  I hate asking for money.  However this is a different story.  If able to contribute, please know that I am forever grateful for your support.

As for a goal...  I am thinking a nice round number is appropriate.

5-0 maybe.

But if I reach that goal with time on the clock, you can be damn certain I will try to go further.

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  1. Nice blog Logan. And count me in I'll help. Might even come down and watch.