Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Pictures from the Trail

 Pin Oak Gap parking area trail head. 

 First fork in road.

This .2 mile stretch was the smoothest section on the trail.

Creepy house in the woods.  Convinced Satanists were in the attic.

First of several log footbridges.

The trail became the creek bed.

After this soggy mess the footbridge became pointless.

Next turn.

Elk have been reintroduced to the Smoky Mtns. Tracking collars.


"That shit is sick!"

Skipping stones on the river.

Mingo Falls.

Atop Chimney Rock, NC.  I am sitting in my own poop at the moment.  Deathly afraid of heights.

I am smiling because I am far from the precipice.

Hickory Nut Falls, NC


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  2. Chimney Rock is amazing! We stayed on Lake Lure last year. And, kind of funny, I live in the Smokies, haha! Beautiful shots!

  3. That is seriously amazing. You just fulfilled one of my bucket list items. Wow. I'm impressed.

  4. Incredible trip! Even though you lost your soul in Satan's Attic, aquirred Swamp Foot, and shit your pants. But that's good livin, right? ~blistertoe