Friday, October 22, 2010

Do I Have Something To Prove?

An exchange on Facebook overnight got me to thinking about why people choose to do what they do.  Or choose to avoid things they dislike.  Exercise seems to be a big "avoider" by most people.  And there are plenty of excuses; some more valid than others.

It seems to me that the "do-nots" get riled up by the "do-ers".  Like we are showing off.  Please.

Running at 5am is not about showing off.

Running in freezing temperatures is not about showing off.

Running in boiling humidity is not about showing off.

Running a distance I have no patience for driving is not about showing off.

Running in those conditions and at those times is not about the "do-nots".  It is about me and what I need to do.  The following is a posting to daily mile dot com I wrote this morning.  To understand a runner I believe you have to be a runner (or at least have lived with a runner for a long time).
An open letter to Daily Mile - thank you for congratulating my successes, sympathizing with my setbacks and encouraging my efforts. Someone recently told me they have nothing left to prove (to whom?). I think it is the challenges in life that define us throughout life. Whether you are a teenager or eligible for the "senior discount", there may something out there nagging at you, making you think "What if..."
Nothing I do now is with the intent of proving my self to you. It is all for proving something to myself. I am capable. I shall realize my goals. Failure pushes me to work harder. Success pushes me to set harder goals.
Again, Daily Mile, thank you for all your kind, warm, sympathetic and at times humorously abusive words. Not just for the comments directed toward my posts but toward all members of the Daily Mile. This community lifts me up at times that I most doubt myself. For that I am forever grateful.
Miles run and times posted are great for assessing fitness and personal commitment.  The goals of a runner are not established to show how awesome the runner is, but to see how awesome the runner could be.  And sharing this information is great for realizing goals met.

So... do I have something to prove?  To you?  No, probably not.  To myself?  Everyday for the rest of my life.

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  1. I love this post! It's annoying when people run or do things to show off for other people. Running should be something you do for yourself and yourself only. You said it well. I am probably the hardest person on myself and I am my biggest cheerleader. And I like it that way! :)